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Burris Machine Company - Knife HoldersKnife Holder Overview

Durable, hardened-steel, pneumatic holders for various styles of circular knife blades. Used to slit, cut, score cut, perforate, crush-cut materials on slitting equipment.

Burris Machine Company - Knife Holder PartsKnife Holder Components

Individual parts are available for in-house maintenance/replacement to ensure a long, usable working life of the knife holder.

Burris Machine Company - Knife BankKnife Bank 

A precision assembly of knife-holders to give exact-cut widths & overall web-width accuracy at customer-defined intervals and lengths.

Burris Machine Company - Knife Servicing ToolsKnife Service Tools & Repairs

Burris engineered tools, designed to simplify maintenance on individual knife holders.Tools were developed for efficient insertion/removal of blades, axles, & bearings for service.

Burris Machine Company - Knife BladesKnife Blades

Circular industrial blades are available in 3", 4" & custom sizes, to score cut, slit, crush-cut, perforate, pink, etc.Hot elements, razor and special stainless steel blades for the food industry are also available.

Burris Machine Company - Slitting ProductsDovetail Bars / Sleeves

Slitting Roll Sleeves, Dovetail Bars, etc. are available