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Knife Banks

Burris Machine Company - Knife Banks

Burris Machine Company has received a patent on its combination Knife Bank/ Knife Holder technology (design, components and assembly). Other terms used to refer to this product are Knife Blocks, Knife Score Packs, and Cassette-design Assemblies.

The Burris Knife Bank is a precision assembly of Knife Holders which gives exact-cut widths and overall web-width accuracy. The Knife Bank is designed to attach to the Dovetail Bar of converting machinery. One of the unique features of Burris's patented design allows the customer's maintenance personnel to service individual Knife Holders within the Knife Bank assembly. By having the ability to access the internal parts of individual Knife Holders without disassembly of the Knife Bank, the customer prevents any disturbance of the Knife Bank's precision spacing and alignment.

These productivity enhancing, converting components are built to customer specifications by skilled machine craftsmen, who precision-engineer each Knife Bank for outstanding performance, accuracy and long-life. The pre-assembly of knife holders enables one-step setup and thus reduces downtime while ensuring accurate, pre-planned cuts. Replacement parts are available for extra long service life. For wider webs, multiple banks can be designed for side-by-side fit. As always, Burris products are competitively priced!

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