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Replacement Instructions


The Knife Holder SIDE PLATES SHOULD NEVER BE DISASSEMBLED! The Knife Holders are precisely engineered for long service, and their alignment is critical for proper slitting. Periodic servicing will further lengthen the life of the Knife Holder. Badly worn plates will require replacement with a new knife holder.

The various Knife Holder parts can be accessed for service from two directions of the Knife Holder:

1. For access to Cylinder Housing/Piston Cup/etc for replacement or maintenance:

  1. Remove 2 screws (& only the 2 shown)
  2. Remove cylinder housing
  3. Remove the piston cup
  4. Replace with new piston cup (part #2037), after applying Silicone Lubricant (part #6000) for proper seal
  5. Replace with new Cylinder Housing (part #2046)

This is typically done if Knife Holder is leaking air.

Can also then replace additional worn parts, if needed:
Springs (2, part #2040)
Piston Fork Assembly (part #2001 or 2020)
Screws (2, part #1059)

2. Use Burris Knife Holder Servicing Tools to access parts that get the most wear from usage:

  1. Blades (parts #4019, 4022, 4001, etc.)
  2. Bearings (parts #4003 through 4007)
  3. Axles (parts #4009, 4012)

Burris Machine Company can supply ALL repair parts for the Knife Holders, as well as air hose assemblies. Burris can also perform maintenance on your Knife Holders, replacing worn parts. Air hose assemblies can frequently be repaired, as well.

Burris Machine Company also sharpens blades and sells replacement blades.