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Knife Holder Overview

Burris Machine Compay - Knife HoldersBurris Knife Holders are available in different styles and choices of configuration to serve your specific needs. Superior quality and product support have made Burris the preferred worldwide supplier to a multitude of industries. The Burris Knife Holder is made with pride in the United States of America. Outstanding performance and value are guaranteed. As always, Burris products are competitively priced!

Standard Features

Precision ground and hardened side plates, knife blade manufactured from high-alloy steel, 19 or 22mm ball bearing, tempered steel fork assembly, braid-reinforced air hose, and quick-disconnect air coupling (American or European style).

Special Knife Holder Features

Back-Pullout Knife Holder

The Back-Pullout Knife Holder is designed to allow the user to remove the blade, bearing and axle without removing the Knife Holder from the dovetail bar. The Burris Back-Pullout Knife Holder is built with a specially designed and angled fork assembly and slot and specially machined side plates which permits removal and insertion of the blade/etc. from the holder for maintenance without disturbing the critical machine set-up & spacing of that or other Knife Holders.

Burris Machine Compay - Knife Holders

Manual-Adjust Knife Holder

Burris's new Manual-Adjust Knife Holder is available for manual control of precise cut depth.It is available on Knife Holders designed for circular blades or razor blades. This feature isespecially useful for Knife Holders when air (airhoses or pneumatic hoses) cannot be used to control pressure of knife holder/circular blade to the mandrel or added precision is needed. The Manual-Adjust Holder with Razor Blade works well when a customer wishes to utilize a razor cut capability on a machine designed for circular blade use (typically a single mandrel web roller).
Burris Machine Compay - Knife Holder

*See our Knife Holder Parts List for specific info on choices and Parts #'s

Knife Holder Accessories

Quick Clamp

The patented Quick Clamp is one of the most popular options on the Burris Knife Holder. The Quick Clamp contains a patented mechanism which locks it to the dovetail bar thus permiting insertion or removal of a Knife Holder from the dovetail bar without requiring hand tools for service access. This mechanism also allows changing the cut-width of the customer's product by easily shifting the position of the Knife Holder on the dovetail bar without using tools.

Razor Blade Holder Adapter

The Razor Blade Holder Adapter allows standard Score Cut Knife Holders to be converted to utilize Razor Blade Slitters. Razor blades efficiently cut thin material like film, plastic, etc.

Burris Machine Company - Blade Lubricator Burris Machine Company - Blade Lubricator Burris Machine Company - Blade Lubricator

Razor Blade Holder Safety Guard

The Razor Blade Holder Safety Guard attaches to the Razor Blade Holder. It works in conjunction with the Razor Blade Holder Adapter to shield the cutting edgeof the razor blade, thus protecting the production worker. It assists in meeting OSHA requirements.
Burris Machine Company - Blade Lubricator

Hot Cut Element Carrier

The Hot Cut Element Carrier allows standard Score Cut Knife Holders to utilize Hot Elements to effectively heat cut and seal material to prevent raveling.
Burris Machine Company - Blade Lubricator Burris Machine Company - Blade Lubricator

Lubricator Attachment

The New Blade Lubricator Attachment is designed to assist with adhesive buildup on the Score / Crush Blade. TheLubricator Attachment will help keep the buildup to a minimum, when operator simply saturates the felt pad periodically with light oil suchas WD-40™ or similar fluids. Simple to install: Remove spacer and insert as shown in photo.
Burris Machine Company - Blade Lubricator

Vacuum Adapter (Patented device)

The Vacuum Adapter attaches to a standard Knife Holder for the purpose of removing cutting waste and metal wear waste from the material in the slitting process. This is particularly important in medical-use materials and other specialized materials. It aides in removal of cutting debris, both metal-wear and material shedding. In addition, it will work in a wet environment to remove most moisture and/or excess blade lubrication and debris from the knife holder.

Burris Machine Company - Blade LubricatorBurris Machine Company - Blade LubricatorBurris Machine Company - Blade Lubricator

Vacuum Manifold (Patented device)

This device provides for quick connection of multiple Knife Holder Vacuum devices into one unit for centralized collection.   The Vacuum Manifold also allows for the attachment of one vacuum source for the centralized Vacuum Adapters.  The type and number of vacuum sources determine the amount of airflow through the individual knife holders.

Vacuum Manifolds are custom made to customer requirements.  This includes specification of length, number of quick connections, and number of vacuum source connections.

Knife Holder Info to be Specified on Order:

Style Holder:
view model 28 to model 34 comparison (pdf, 42.8k)

  • American/Standard -- Model 28
  • European -- Model 34
  • European -- Model 32

Air Hose Assembly:

  • Braid-reinforced PVC tubing (Standard)
  • Stainless steel braided tubing
  • Custom Specified lengths
  • Coupling Choices:
    • American (Male or Female)
    • European (Male or Female)

Special Holder Features
available on all three style holders above:

  • Quick Clamp -patented - ½" and 12mm holders only
  • Manual-Adjust with circular blade (vs. pneumatic)
  • Manual-Adjust with razor blade
  • Back pull-out
  • Specialty Finishes:
    • Protective coated (for Hostile Envirnment) Model 28-½" wide holder only.
    • Other on request

Circular Blade Types:

  • Score cut/Crush cut (Standard)
  • Perforating
  • Pinking
  • Thin-rim score cut/crush cut
  • Custom-made, special use

Width of Holder:

  • 3/8 inch, ½ inch
  • 10mm, 12mm, 12.5mm
  • Special width on request

Circular Blade Sizes:

  • 3" for American Holders
  • 3" or 4" for European Holders

Bearing Size:

  • 19mm
  • 22mm

Circular Blade Composition:

  • Standard Alloy (52100)
  • D2 Tool Steel

Bearing Style:

  • Open (Standard)
  • Shielded
  • Sealed

Specialty Cutting Choices:

  • Razor Blades
    •  Standard Adapter
    •  Shielded Adapter guard
  • Hot Element Carrier (Hot cut)
  • Hot Elements

For your convenience, view our Knife Holder Parts Replacement Instructions page to learn how to disassemble your Knife Holder for replacement or maintenance.